Thomas P.A. Debray, PhD

Assistant Professor, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Research field: epidemiology, biostatistics Biowebspin Google Scholar LinkedIn ORCID PubMed ResearchGate Scopus


I am assistant professor at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care (University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) and affiliated researcher of the Dutch Cochrane Centre. My experiences are mainly founded in the field of Prediction Research, Meta-Analysis and Software Engeneering. In particular, I investigate, develop and refine statistical approaches for developing/validating clinical prediction models, predicting/assessing drug efficacy and evaluating diagnostic test accuracy across different study populations. At this time, I investigate methods for improving the efficiency of the medicine development process by better incorporating real-life clinical data into drug development. With this website, I aim to present an overview of my research and teaching activities, and to provide relevant statistical background material (e.g. R scripts & packages).